sift.simmer.shred trailer

sift.simmer.shred starring Delcio Ferreira and William McGeough

Tensions come to a boil in a London studio flat when a Queer couple moves back together for lockdown.

Warning: Domestic and Sexual Violence

Video Description: Xavier, a wiry man about 30, olive skinned with short, curly black hair and a goatee, sits at a dining table with wine glass, wine bottle and goblet, and a decorated cake. Another man,
Arthur, sits opposite with only his arms and hands visible. Later, Arthur rises and enters the kitchen area behind Xavier. He’s a similarly aged, tall, blond and bearded, pale-skinned man, wearing a beanie.

Arthur: William McGeough

Xavier: Delcio Ferreira

Directed by Çağlar Kimyoncu

Written by Michael Achtman

Cinematographer: Zeynep Dağlı

Sound Recorder: Joseph Campbell

Camera Assistant: Callum Sunderland

Make Up Artist: Anna Maas

Intimacy Coordinator: Rufai Ajala

Fight Director: Bethan Clark

Production Assistant: Cristina Perezzani

Editor: Michael Achtman and Çağlar Kimyoncu

Sound Design: Mustafa Bel

Colorist: Bülent Tanoba

Produced by Michael Achtman and Çağlar Kimyoncu

c. 2022 Altered Waterfall